ochre skirt with lace overlay

Skirt + Tank Top Equals Gorgeous Lace Goodness


Salvage & Stitch: Would you believe that this skirt was once a skirt and a lace tank top? DIY fashion wins again

I think I’m in love with this skirt. Like maybe if this skirt was a person, I’d be too shy to ask it out on a date (assuming I was single) and hide in a corner awkwardly staring at it, telling my friends not to look because it might notice. Realistically, because how can anyone really be in love with a skirt, I think I loved making every inch of it.

Lace on skirt.         ochre skirt with lace overlay

The skirt’s story takes us back two years, when a friend of a friend gifted me this big back of fabric scraps. A lot of it was…not great. I get a lot of “donations” from people who want to support my craft, and I don’t mind that, but I do like the opportunity to rummage for what I would actually find useful. The most useful thing in this scrap bag was a beautiful piece of marigold linen, just enough to squeak out a skirt.

I self-drafted a skirt from the linen, cutting a lot of corners. It was cute, nothing super special. I think I was inspired by the color more than anything. It wore it a couple times, and then it lived in my closet untouched for a while. Something about it felt so yellow that it wasn’t approachable. I’m an artist, but even I have limits to what I’ll wear. There were a few other items hanging around my closet, a lace tank top that I liked in theory but couldn’t understand. How does one wear a lace tank top? With another tank top underneath? Is this 2012? Have we gone back in time?

Back of lace skirt.

I threw all the clothes in a big pile, as you do, and the lace tank top landed on top of the marigold skirt and suddenly I saw beauty, intrigue, and wonder unfold before me. I know I sound dramatic, like how could some lace and some linen really tell you the secrets of the universe? Oh let me tell you, it did, it does, it continues to do so. I knew then and there that I had to combine the skirt and the tank top, to make a skirt to rule all skirts.

Adding a lace overlay to a skirt.            Adding lace to a skirt.

I’ve probably mentioned a million times in the short life of this blog that my favorite pieces to make are ones that combine multiple clothing items into one piece. That’s why this skirt is so brilliant to me. I had to fill in the neckline and armholes of the tank top with a contrasting lace to really fit the entire tank top on the skirt, which also helped bust some vintage lace out of my stash. Laying the tank top on the skirt was a little tricky, I must have used 85 pins, and then became too squeamish to use my machine, afraid it wouldn’t lay right under the needle, so I hand sewed the whole thing. I love hand sewing so this was ok, thank heavens for Netflix.

Leaning over in lace skirt.

And now I have this skirt, is it too ridiculous to wear the same skirt over and over? I think not. If you encounter me on the street, expect me to be rockin’ this baby.

Jumping into fall leaves.

And jumping in all the fall leaves! Even in California we magically get them, though it’s still relatively not cold. What have you made for fall that you’re really excited about?

Jumping up and down and wearing lace skirt.

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