Salvage & Stitch: This beautiful ruffle top is easy to make in as little as 30 minutes. Even beginner DIYers can do this one.

Romantic DIY Ruffle Top Refashion

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Today I’m excited to share this adorable DIY ruffle top refashion. Unless you’re living underground without the internet, you’ve probably realized that ruffle tops are happening right now. And thank goodness, because I have to admit, there was a moment where fashion was getting so minimalist that I was starting to feel like I was forever going to be trapped in a world of seersucker and straight cuts, neither of which I look that great in.

Over the past few months, I’ve seen ruffles of all kinds: horizontal ruffles, diagonal ruffles, big ruffles, small ruffles, ruffles on sleeves, ruffles with no sleeves, ruffles as the sleeves, ruffles over the bust, and asymmetrical ruffles. It was only a matter of time before I too would join in with ruffles, but being a DIY-over-buy gal, I turned to my own wardrobe for some inspiration to get me started. I was able to refashion a printed tunic that I had lying around into the cutest ruffle blouse that I’m super excited to share with you all. The best part is, this DIY ruffle top is way easier than the DIY overalls I posted as my last refashion project.

DIY ruffle top in black and white floral, made from a preexisting blouse.

An aside to this DIY project, I once had an alterations business. I was doing a pop-up in a cute boutique in downtown Oakland, and this lady came in with a bag of clothes she wanted mending for. One of the items, I kid you not, was a sweater dress with tiny ruffled pockets over the butt cheeks. My friend (who I was doing the pop-up with) and I couldn’t figure out if it was the back or front of the dress. Of course, we wanted to believe it was the front, but it would have made no sense because there was a zipper, and the darts were on the other side. Every time I think of ruffles I think of that woman wearing that dress and I giggle. I don’t even giggle in a judgemental way, I just giggle because well, ruffle butt-pockets take guts.

Black and white floral DIY ruffle top.

Luckily, the ruffles on this DIY ruffle top are only worthy of excited giggles! The only thing I regret about this top is that the black and white floral print was really difficult to photograph and capture the ruffles, So you’ll have to trust me that the ruffles are pretty awesome. I was really inspired by this top from Anthropologie, which as lovely as it is, I could never justify the price. This was such an easy project, however, I don’t even pine for that top. I think it took me maybe 30 minutes from start to finish to refashion this tunic into a ruffled blouse.

Black and white floral tunic.

And even though it only took 30 minutes, I really can’t believe the results. I wore the tunic a ton last year, but everything runs its course, and I’m so glad I was able to breathe some life back into it as I’ve always loved the material. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I ended up making another DIY ruffle top recently. This one was ivory lace with a contrasting pink bias tape, so you can really see the details!

DIY ruffle top from the back view, black and white floral with ruffles on the sleeves.

How To Make A DIY Ruffle Top

  • 1 extra long blouse, tunic, or dress that you don’t mind making shorter.
  • Sewing Machine and matching thread
  • Bias tape in a coordinating color with your blouse
  • Scissors

1. Cut about 5-6 inches off the end of your tunic or blouse, or more if need be. Cut the piece that you just cut off in half lengthwise so you have two long pieces of fabric.

Cut up blouse.

2. Hem the long piece of fabric that does not have a hem.

3.  Use your sewing machine to loosely gather the two pieces of fabric. To do this, put your length and width to a high setting (I think I used 4 width and 5 length) and sew along the top DO NOT BACK STITCH. Cut your threads on the end long, and pull the top thread so that your material bunches. Evenly disperse the bunches.

How to make gathered fabric.

4. When you’ve gathered both pieces of fabric, unfold a piece of your bias tape and pin your gathered ruffle along the raw edge with both the creases of the biased tape and the hem of your fabric facing up.  Sew together, make sure the gathers stay even as you sew. Make sure you re-adjust your stitch length and width back to a comfortable setting first!

5. The raw edge of your ruffle should naturally fold inside the bias tape now. Enclose the raw edge into the bias tape, sewing the folded edge over the ruffle, right along the edge. Repeat on the other ruffle and your ruffles are ready to pin to your blouse.

      Floral fabric sewn to bias tape.      Fabric pinned to biased tape.

Easy ruffle made with bias tape.

6. You can decide how you want your ruffles. I wanted mine to start in the back at the end of the sleeve and move frontward vertically. Because my ruffles didn’t reach the end of my blouse, I tapered them into a V and sewed them down at the buttons. Just do what you want to do. Pin your ruffles to your blouse, and sew them on sewing the biased tape side down to your blouse.

Ruffles pinned to blouse.

7. Hem your blouse and you’re finished! Now you have a ruffle blouse!

Black and white floral DIY ruffle top made from an existing blouse.

If you like this tutorial, definitely let me know in the comments, and especially let me know if you end up making your own ruffle blouse.
DIY ruffle top refashion.

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