Popcorn sprinkled with beetroot powder.

Beetroot Popcorn, Naturally Pink & Sweet


Before you think I’ve completely fallen off the deep end, let me explain: beetroot popcorn is my new favorite snack. It’s heart-healthy, antioxidant-rich, and IT’S PINK. It also tastes really good, lightly sweet but not too sweet, and a little rich. It’s also a waste-free snack if you buy your popcorn kernels in bulk with a reusable cloth bag. Do I really need to convince you? This all happened because I had a mishap with beetroot powder that left me really disappointed: 

I recently decided to purge all of my toxic cosmetics and replace them with natural and non-toxic alternatives. I was already relatively natural, but I had an addiction to things like drugstore mascara and blush, stuff that felt affordable but is full of things like tar-coal. Yikes. One of the tutorials I’ve seen repeated all over the internet is beetroot blush. These pretty pink blushes look luscious and simple, just a combination of beetroot and arrowroot powders. So natural, so lovely, except one big stinkin’ pink problem: this crap doesn’t stick to your face. 

I don’t mean to be mean. It does annoy me when bloggers jump on bandwagons and then publish content without really taking the time to figure out if this stuff actually works. In the instances where the beetroot did stick to my face, it was grainy and weird, like little pink specks just barely dispersed onto my cheeks. Not very sexy. So what does one do with a few ounces of beet powder? 

I decided to taste it, as any determined and curious person would do. Upon tasting the beet powder I discovered that it’s lightly sweet, and tastes like beets. I wondered then if I could use it as a natural food coloring or to lightly flavor snacks. I started with popcorn because it’s my ALL TIME favorite snack food, it’s easy to make, and it seemed like it would be pretty. And voila! Beetroot popcorn is not only very pink, lovely, and healthy, but also the popcorn doesn’t actually taste like beets, it just tastes sweet. I don’t know if that’s because I added salt and olive oil, or if it’s just that special, but I love it. 

Beetroot popcorn tossed on a marble background.

So, one DIY fail became a DIY win. I love when that happens, especially when it means something won’t be wasted. For a fun kick, sometimes I add cocoa powder or chili pepper to the beetroot. Really, your popcorn will taste good either way. Make this beetroot popcorn up as a Valentine’s Day treat for you and your significant other, or if you’re single, eat it all yourself while watching your favorite movie. Either way, it’s perfect for a Valentine’s Day movie night because did I mention it’s pink? 

If you’re still buying those bags of popped popcorn from the grocery store, stop in your tracks! Popcorn is really easy to make on the stove with a large pot and coconut oil. You can buy loose popcorn kernels from the bulk section at your local grocery store. I buy a whole bunch and store it in a mason jar in my pantry

Where Do I Get Beetroot Powder?

I found my beetroot powder at my locally-owned grocery store in the cosmetics section. It’s organic so I decided I didn’t really mind putting it on my food. However, my local grocery is special, and not like the average grocery store in America. I suggest buying it from Mountain Rose Herbs or you can definitely make your own from beet you buy at the store, dehydrate in your oven and powder in a coffee grinder. Beets are still in season in February, so it’s a perfect time. 

Also, note that the color of beetroot powder varies. Sometimes it’s a bright pink, other times it’s a deep red, and I’ve even seen it kind of purple. It also has a shelf life. If your beetroot powder turns brown, compost it. 

How To Make Beetroot Popcorn

Popcorn smeared with beetroot on a marble background.

  • 1/2 cup of popcorn kernels
  • 2 Tablespoon of coconut oil
  • 1 Tablespoon of beet root powder
  • Olive oil- adjust to your liking
  • Salt- adjust to your liking 

1. In a large pot (make sure it has a lid!), melt coconut oil on medium heat. Add 2 popcorn kernels and put the lid on your popcorn.

2. When you hear those kernels pop, take your pot off the heat, add all popcorn, put the lid back on, give it swirl, and put it back on the heat. 

3. Occasionally shake your pot to make sure your kernels aren’t burning. Sometimes I find it helps to let some steam out but opening the lid quickly and closing it. 

4. Keep shaking the pot occasionally as your kernels pop. When you hear only a few pops every few seconds, your popcorn is likely done. 

5. Dump all your popcorn in a bowl, dress it with a little olive oil and salt, and then sprinkle your beetroot on top. Toss popcorn, and enjoy! 

Pouring beetroot onto popcorn.

If you think vegetables don't belong on your popcorn, think again! Popcorn sprinkled with beetroot is a healthy snack, naturally sweet and sugar free, and it's bright pink! Enjoy it on Valentine's Day for a romantic movie night or eat it on the go. Buy popcorn kernels in the bulk section of your grocery store for a zero waste snack that's delicious and pretty.

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5 thoughts on “Beetroot Popcorn, Naturally Pink & Sweet”

  1. Hi Elana,
    Sounds like a fun recipe! Thanks so much for linking to my tutorial on how to make beetroot powder from scratch. 🙂
    I had a similar experience when I bought beetroot powder for the first time, before I started making my own. I wanted to use it as a blush, and it didn’t stick. I’ve since been able to get it to work, but there are a few tricks to it. One, the powder you normally buy isn’t fine enough. I like to pulverize it even further in a coffee grinder, using only the fine powder that accumulates on the lid. That, in itself, helps it start to stick!
    There are also some things you can add to a homemade blush to get it to stick better. I’ve been meaning to do a post on it. I’ll try to get to it soon. 😉
    In any case, beetroot powder also makes a great colorant for food. It’s also great in smoothies- and sounds like it would be good on popcorn. I hadn’t thought of that myself.
    Happy to have found your lovely blog. Have a great week!

    1. Hi Tracy,
      Thank you for your comment. I appreciate that beetroot magically seems to work for some people, and I did blend mine up very fine before using it as a base for blush, but it still did not work for me. I also tried blending it with a number of other ingredients, no go. It’s a lovely color, and I love that it’s natural, but I’m picky with my make up and I like it to work. I think I’m going to make mineral blush, but I look forward to your updated tutorial as if you’ve found a way to make the beets stick. Anyhow, I love your tutorial for how to make beetroot powder, it’s the best I’ve found and it’s very clear and pretty. Since beetroot can be used for more than blush, I’ll probably be using it a lot.

  2. Love this honest account of a DIY gone wrong. If I had a dollar for every Pinterest fail I’ve had, I’d have a personal assistant sprinkling beet root on my popcorn right this moment.

    1. Haha, me too! And thank you! I really wanted it to work, but when it didn’t, I wasn’t going to let that beet powder go to waste!

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