Wearing a blouse dyed with avocados and belted, standing in the front in a wall.

Semi-Avocado Dyed DIY Tie Blouse


I took a little break last week from blogging to work on another creative project and it was so refreshing. Not that I don’t love you all, I do, but blogging is a lot of work. During this break, I did work on one DIY project turned DIY fail. And what explosive mess did I make?  Oh boy. I tried making dye from avocado skins and pits and I ALMOST BURNT MY APARTMENT BUILDING DOWN. More on that below, lucky for you I still made the cloth into a lovely DIY tie blouse that I show you how to make below. 

Arms spread to show-off the shape of the avocado tie blouse.

So how does one ruin avocado dye? Well, I left the heat on and forgot about it on the stove while I did other things. Suddenly I hear this crackling sound. I rushed into the kitchen and my dye had completely evaporated and I was left with the makings of a fire which I promptly remedied. And my fabric? Yeah, nothing much happened. This post was supposed to be all about how you can make pink dye from avocado skins and pits but I think I used too much water and my dye was too weak. My fabric is a little peachy but not much different than where we started. So much for saving avocados for two months. 

Frozen avocados and cotton fabric.


Avocado dyed fabric.


               Wearing avocado dyed tie blouse against wall.     Back view of avocado tie blouse.

It’s a little misleading because the cloth I started out with, a cotton scarf, was already pink, but you tell me if you see a difference. I don’t at all, maybe it’s darker by a shade. I wanted it to be a dusty rose color that I kept seeing from avocado dyes on the internet. Perhaps it would have strengthened in color overnight if I hadn’t burnt it all up. You know, a lot of people in my life look at me and actually say, “I could never do what you do. You’re so creative.” And while that’s a lovely compliment, I hope this demonstrates that the pretty pictures I post here of all my DIY successes often don’t show my epic fails. And let me tell you, there are some FAILURES. 

But because I just couldn’t let things go after the avocado dye failure, I decided to make the cotton scarf into the easiest blouse in the world to make and show you how to stitch one up yourself! We call this making guacamole out of avocados (wink wink, nudge nudge). 

Wearing avocado tie blouse cinched at the waist with a belt.

And on the upswing, my neighbors have started saving their avocado pits and skins for me to make more avocado dye! We will prevail. We will all prevail. 

DIY Tie Blouse 

Close-up of avocado tie-blouse against diagonal wall.

You’ll see in the pictures below that I serged all the raw edges of this blouse. This is not necessary, my fabric was really ravely and I wanted a durable piece of clothing that would stand a washing machine. But if you don’t have a serger, you can use a zig zag stitch on your sewing machine or nothing at all. Don’t overthink it! 

  • 1 scarf or about a yard of fabric 
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread (honestly)
  • Scissors 

1. Fold your fabric in half, honestly, the wider the better. Cut about 4-5 inches off the bottom and 2 inches off the top. 

2. Fold your fabric in half lengthwise and cut out a neck hole. Don’t make it too big! 

Making DIY Tie Blouse Step 1

3. Sew your shoulders together, right sides together.

DIY Tie Blouse Step 2

4. Take your wider cuttings and fold them in half these will be your sleeves. I’ve laid out an approximate picture of how your sleeves should be aligned to your blouse above. Pin and sew them on, right sides together. 

DIY Tie Blouse step 3

5. Sew the sides and sleeves together in one seam. 

6. Hem the bottom and the neckline. 

DIY Tie Blouse sewn together.

7. Take your 2 inch pieces of fabric and sew them together at the end to make a long tie. Sew down the raw edges if you’d like. 

Finished tie blouse.

Use the tie around your waist when you wear the blouse for a ruffled effect, or wear the blouse tie-free for a looser look. It’s up to you! I seriously love this blouse and I’m wearing it as I type this and I’m going to wear it this weekend too.  I personally like it with wider legged pants or culottes but style it as you like.  

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