Upcycled minimalist holiday decor. Orange garland, eucalyptus branches, pinecones, and lights on the mantle place.

Minimalist Upcycled Holiday Decor- Tinsle is Overrated


Of course, I couldn’t resist a quick post on upcycled holiday decor. I’ve never been a huge Christmas person. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been known to buy a sustainably grown tree and upcycle it all January, and I do enjoy the lights. It’s just…Christmas is so red and green. Gold and silver. Glitter and tinsel. Tinseled trees are the jazz hands of Christmas, I swear. And the environmental impact of all it, from disposable ornaments to plastic trees, to wrapping paper (don’t get me started on wrapping paper) just isn’t something I ever feel like opting into. That said, when the season is merry and bright and everyone is posting Instagram photos of their decor and gift wrapping, it makes me want to do something.

I love natural decor that doesn’t cost a fortune and adds a nice seasonal scent to the home. I’m in the middle of an out-of-state move (so much more to come, stay tuned) so this year if I wanted to do holiday decor, it needed to be minimalist as ever. Ironically, it’s probably my favorite decor to date. And the best thing is, it doesn’t scream CHRISTMAS in any particular way. Celebrate something other than Christmas? You can still make an orange garland and put some branches out with a twist toward your own cultural traditions. 

I found the eucalyptus branches on the side of the road after a storm. The jars and bottles I’ve used for years. No clue where those pinecones came from. The lights are just a strand of LED lights I’ve had for a while. And the orange garland- is my nod to the eco-friendly holiday trend of the moment. I’ve seen maybe 30 orange garlands on Instagram and it didn’t at all stop me from making my own with some withered valencia oranges. 

Continuing with upcycled holiday decor trend, yes I did make my cat a stocking last year. It still has some residual cat nip in it, which doesn’t bode well for it remaining out of her clutches. 

Orange Garland Instructions

I won’t wax poetic for too long about how to make your own orange garland, as the topic has been widely covered by others. If you want to make one, slice your oranges 1/4 inch thick and bake on a cookie sheet for 3 hours or so at 250*F. Take out, string along twine with a yarn needle and hang. Super easy. When you’re done with your orange garland, just throw the whole thing in the compost. 

Upcycled minimalist holiday decor. Orange garland, eucalyptus branches, pinecones, and lights on the mantle place.

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