DIY terra cotta jewelry tray.

DIY Terra Cotta Jewelry Holder


Have you also been seeing terra cotta decor everywhere? From walls to tank tops, I’m in love. Today I’m sharing with you a quick and ridiculously easy upcycle to incorporate some terra cotta into your home with these terra cotta jewelry holders.

Since moving I’ve been experiencing a lack of places to leave jewelry that I wear frequently enough to not put it back in my jewelry box. I was thinking one of those tiered jewelry holders, but of course, I wanted to upcycle it from stuff I already had laying around the house. Especially for those wine cork earrings I made last time- that some how didn’t make it into these pictures!

DIY terra cotta jewelry holder with jewelry and plant life.

You can totally tell that I’ve been using these trays for a while. Yeah, nothing is new. I have a decent number of house plants but somehow too many trays now that I’ve moved. It makes me wonder, what plant did I forget?

Chances are, you have a few of these plant trays sitting around your home or garden. That little tiny pot in the middle I think I took home as part of a wedding favor, but let’s be real: a 1.5 inch terra cotta pot with no hole isn’t really good for anything except for looking cute. If you don’t happen to have one, you can pick up that itty bitty pot at your local nursery for fifty cents. Or you could order a few terra cotta pots and make terra cotta jewelry holders for your craft/jewelry business display, for bridesmaid’s gifts, or heck: valentine’s day is fast approaching, why not make jewelry holders for your closest friends?

Terra cotta jewelry holder draped in jewelry with perfume.

A few more cool terra cotta projects I dreamed up while making this little terra cotta jewelry holder:

  • You could get larger trays a construct a gorgeous cupcake or dessert tower for a modern Southwestern themed wedding. Just make sure the pots you use are heavy enough to hold up the trays.
  • Bird feeders
  • Candle or incents holders
  • You could totally use these little plates as stylish salt and pepper or spice bowls in the kitchen.

DIY Terra Cotta Jewelry Holder

DIY terra cotta jewelry tray.
  • 2 terra cotta plant trays, one larger than the other ( I used a 6 inch and a 4 inch)
  • 1 tiny terra cotta pot
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks (you could use craft glue, or super glue as well)
Gluing terra cotta pot to terra cotta tray.
Gluing base of tray to terra cotta pot.
  1. Glue the opening of your pot to your large tray. Use a small amount of glue to ensure it doesn’t show.
  2. Glue your small tray to the base of your small pot.
Finished terra cotta jewelry holder.

You’re done! Load that thing with pretty jewelry and feel some instant organization. I’ve noticed some people on Pinterest have painted their iterations of this project. It’s up to you, but I think if you want to keep it modern and minimalist, just keep the exposed terra cotta color.

Make this super stylish terra cotta jewelry holder with just a few things around your home: plant trays, tiny planter, and glue. DIY jewelry holder. DIY terra cotta home decor.

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