Wearing a reclaimed denim skirt by Solstice, white blouse, holding flowers.

SOLSTICE has Launched!


After tons of hard work, wading knee-deep in denim prototypes for months, and an endless amount of photography, I’m so excited to announce that SOLSTICE, has launched! If you need reminding, SOLSTICE is my line of reclaimed denim, upcycled garments of all-natural materials and vintage leather apparel. It’s a labor of love for the earth, natural resources that I believe should never end up in landfills, and I’m so excited to offer my aesthetic and vision to you.

I created SOLSTICE into a site where we renew our values toward the materials we put on our body and refuse to settle for anything less than ethical and sustainable. We celebrate the natural world through choosing materials that evolved from nature: reclaimed 100% cotton denim and ethically-sourced organic cotton thread.

It was not easy. I began working on Solstice right before I moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to Tucson, Arizona. Launching a line while in the middle of a move was epic, but I’m so excited with the results, and Tucson gave me just the inspiration I needed to really hatch this project into life. There’s nothing like walking through an endless forest of cacti to really think about the Southwestern roots of denim, and to imagine how we can make it more ethical and sustainable.

Think about it like this, a cactus can hold up to 2000 gallons of water in it. A single pair of jeans wastes 2000 gallons of water between growing cotton and dying. I’d rather conserve water like a cactus than waste water, allows us to wear beautiful jeans without wasting a drop. The only water that went into the jeans I design is what I drank.


Reclaimed Denim Eye Wallhanging
Reclaimed denim wall hanging, sewn from denim scraps left over from making jeans, $65

Right now the easiest way to shop SOLSTICE is to visit the SOLSTICE shop on Etsy. There you can find the jeans, eye patches, vintage leather, and a upcycled clothing made from all natural materials such as linen, silk, and leather.

100% Reclaimed Denim

Wearing reclaimed denim jeans, sold my SOLSTICE, posing in a dance pose.
Wearing Reclaimed Jeans in light blue, $185

The whole purpose of SOLSTICE began as a way to recycle 100% cotton denim destined for the landfill into jeans you or I would actually wear. Each pair of jeans is made from men’s jeans that I’ve sourced, completely recut and resewn, stitched with organic cotton thread, and finished off with a brass button. I’ve also designed two skirts and a pair of overalls you’re bound to appreciate, inspired by vintage styles that I wear on the regular.

Vintage Leather

Wearing an authentic leather 1970s fedora, holding a plant frond.
Wearing an authentic leather 1970s Fedora, $55

I’m currently drafting a much longer post about the importance of keeping vintage leather out of landfills, in an effort to stop consuming new leather and also to avoid polyurethane vegan leather, which fails at sustainability tests. I began to collect vintage leather goods when I moved to Tucson, each one handpicked for quality, all of which you can find in the shop. From coats to accessories, you’re sure to find something good and can feel great about opting out of the modern industries that are depleting our planet’s resources.

Eyes That Blink Back

Some of the jeans and other denim products feature eyes made from reclaimed denim in places that are subversive, like over the back pockets or on t-shirts over the chest/breast area. It’s so prevalent that it’s become an expected part of my daily routine. I don’t think this is unique to me, I think this happens to most feminine appearing bodies wearing feminine clothing. As a designer, I wanted to playfully point out body parts that are traditionally sexualized by heteronormative patriarchal society while also give those body parts the agency to look back. I’m also drafting a longer post about this, but in the meantime, know that I plan to donate 10% of the proceeds from the sale of jeans with eyes to organizations working on street harassment.

But if you aren’t ready to invest in a pair of handmade reclaimed jeans, and want to add some flair to the wardrobe you already have, I’ve also created some patches and appliques just for you.

Three denim patches with eyes ranging from dark blue to light blue on them.
The cutest patches around, $8 each

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