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Elana Bloom With Flowers.Welcome!

I’m so glad you’re here. My name is Elana and I’m a maker and environmentally-conscious thinker living in California, trying to live a more sustainable life. Salvage & Stitch is a glimpse into my little world. 

Salvage & Stitch is a lifestyle blog all about sustainable and slow living. I seek to empower you to think differently about your clothes, your food, and your addiction to plastic, and how living an environmentally conscious life can still be creative, gorgeous and rewarding. 

On Salvage & Stitch, you’ll find:

  • DIY projects reusing materials you likely already have
  • Tips on how to make less waste 
  • Eco-Friendly hacks that I love
  • Recipes to make food staples from scratch

I also muse about my own lifestyle and how I’m growing to become less wasteful and more sustainable in my little household.


My Journey Towards A More Sustainable Life

Salvage & Stitch was born out of my passion for living an eco-friendly lifestyle, but it was my work as a seamstress and textile artist that made me start to wake up to my own cycle of waste. Every time I took a new client my wastebasket full of fabric scraps would get bigger and bigger, and pretty soon it was overflowing! I spent months trying to find a way to sustainably get rid of these scraps and when I couldn’t find one I started to think bigger.

Why was this so hard? 

Because I’m a maker by habit, and married to an environmental engineer, I found myself connecting the dots between how much waste the craft and fashion industries generate, and how I as an artist could create differently.

It seemed ridiculous to me that my art should create environmental problems instead of fixing them. But once I became aware of how much waste I was making with my art, it was impossible not look at my entire lifestyle with a new lens. 

I decided to start Salvage & Stitch to be part of the solution.  To inspire others to be live a simpler, more creative, and ultimately more sustainable lifestyle. 

Whether I’m DIYing pieces for my home, sewing my own clothing, or baking bread, I try to put these creative principles into every project. As you can see from my blog and Instagram account, I’m a huge nature-lover and incorporate a lot of natural elements into my projects.

When I’m not working away at my creative projects or thinking about new ways to help the planet, I like to spend time with my wife, Amanda, and our black rascally cat, Stella, in our garden in the San Francisco Bay Area, or hiking California’s beautiful wilderness. 

Let’s Be Friends! 

I’m one of the friendliest introverts ever so please don’t be shy! You can contact me here, or sign up for my newsletter below. You can also connect with me on Instagram where I spend a lot of time. 

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