Hello, I’m Elana and Salvage & Stitch is a lifestyle blog all about sustainable living, slow fashion, and repurposing everyday objects into things of beauty. Salvage & Stitch seeks to empower you to think differently about your world, the Earth, your things, and how living an environmentally conscious life can still be creative, gorgeous and rewarding. I believe that less is more, anyone can be creative, and being resourceful is winning.

I live my life by my creative principles and making is a part of who I am and the life that I lead. Whether I’m DIYing pieces for my home, making my own clothing, or writing, I try to put my whole self into every project. When I’m not working away at my creative projects or thinking about new ways to help the planet, I like to spend time with my wife, Amanda, and our black rascal of a cat, Stella, in our garden.