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Elana Bloom standing near rust wall.

At Salvage & Stitch, we make trash pretty. 

Salvage & Stitch is a creative reuse project run by designer and upcycling fanatic, Elana Bloom. Whether you come for textile reuse consulting, to inspired tips for how to rethink your things, Salvage & Stitch will leave you feeling more creative about your waste while also nurturing the rock that sustains us: our planet. Behind everything, you’ll begin to see that even your trash has value, and we’ll make it gorgeous.

From remaking your clothes to reusing the thing you can’t figure out how to recycle, Elana Bloom offers up creative, minimalist solutions that draw from nature herself, meant to empower you to make more with less and to live simply.


Elana Bloom wearing handmade reclaimed denim jeans.
Elana Bloom wearing Solstice jeans, reclaimed denim.

In February 2019 we launched SOLSTICE, a line reclaimed denim jeans and vintage leather items, aimed to keep good cotton and good leather out of landfills. All jeans are designed and sewn from the denim of 100% cotton men’s jeans destined to sit in textile purgatory.

The solstice evokes renewal. A season might end, but through the solstice, the world spins us into a new cycle. The lifecycle of a pair of jeans might end with style, but through SOLSTICE we recut and stitch them into new jeans. We believe in the dawning of a new season of slow fashion, where we renew our values toward the materials we put on our body and refuse to settle for anything less than ethical and sustainable. We celebrate the natural world through choosing materials that evolved from nature: reclaimed 100% cotton denim and ethically-sourced organic cotton thread. We invite you to partake in our journey because together we can ensure these precious commodities live up to their potential: beautifully designed upcycled clothing and home goods to last through the seasons. 

All jeans are made by hand, in Elana’s studio. 


Elana Bloom sewing.

Elana is the brains and heart behind Salvage & Stitch at every step, from content to photography to vision.

A lifelong maker by habit, Elana’s inspiration for Salvage & Stitch spun from her work restoring textiles in Oakland, California, forcing her to see the cycle of waste produced from altering or stitching into just one garment. After months spent attempting to sustainably rid herself of an over-flowing heap of scraps in her workspace, she took to reusing them instead. Thus, Salvage & Stitch was born, out of a deep desire to inspire others to join the solution with their art, and not the multi-billion dollar craft industry that stamps a hefty carbon footprint on the world. She believes that makers and thinkers who dare to play with trash are the future of DIY.

Elana learned to put her unwanted items to good use from a young age, her creativity born from growing up in a working-class family with Saks Fifth Avenue taste. She is most famous in her family lore for carrying her sewing machine on an airplane at seventeen, undeterred by TSA. In the same vein, she’s been known to stash flowers in her purse and forget about them, might erupt from a current task to recycle candle wax into new candles, and you might find her examining discarded items for value on the street. That’s exactly how she found her favorite chair and her last pair of jeans.

When she’s not working on Salvage & Stitch, Elana spends her time writing fiction and poetry, reading herself out of house and home, and spoiling her cat rotten in Tucson, Arizona. As you can see on Instagram, she’s a huge nature-lover and incorporates the outside world into her inner world as much as possible.

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