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“Elana is one of my favorite collaboration partners because of her creative spirit and strong work ethic. Her commitment to foster reuse as a socially aware and environmentally friendly practice is unwavering. A fearless creative, she has forever changed my expectations of what is possible in reuse: everything.”

– Jamie Facciola, Founder Repair Revolution


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These zero waste DIY makeup remover pads are way better than cotton balls! You make them yourself from a wash cloth and flannel, and they're super easy to sew up.
DIY Make-up Remover Pads
Featured in Willow & Sage Magazine

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How To Be Eco-Friendly Without Compost

I love working with brands that reflect my values. I especially enjoy telling stories about products I believe in and how they fit into my life. Get in contact if you’d like to collaborate on a sponsored post or media campaign so I can send you my media kit and we can figure out if we’d be a good fit.




unsewn jeans hanging on wood hangers.

At Salvage & Stitch, we believe everything from unwanted clothing to unwanted linens are just one thing: fabric and thread. This canvas allows us to turn the undesirable into the desirable with just a few tweaks, first in the brain, and then to existing materials.

If you have a textile problem that you think might be impossible to solve, whether it’s a stockpile of jeans or the ugliest t-shirts on the face of the planet, get in touch. We’re all about saving good textiles from ending up in landfills and will do our best to offer solutions that are both aesthetic and functional.

I consult small businesses on how to solve the pressing question of: What can we do with this thing we don’t need but don’t want to throw away? Most people know that I design jeans from jeans, but I also have immense experience working with other textiles aside from denim.

If you or your team who thrive on ideas, are willing to stroke the impossible or the absurd and want to do the right thing even if it’s a little harder than the obvious solution then we will get along. Whether the solution is recycling or building a thematic art piece or functional item for your space, I offer three integral pieces to get your trash back in action: research, offer a redesign proposal, and when in my skill range or your budget, I’m happy to complete the finished project.